Daily & Sons – A new adventure

Well, we started Daily & Sons Excavation LLC as a family business the beginning of January 2012. However, like any business, it takes some time to get all your ducks in a row.

The motivation behind Daily & Sons was primarily our two boys. They love tractors, dump trucks and working (what kids don”t like equipment!). And, as a father, it”s a very rewarding thing to see your kids doing something they love and sharing that with them. The other motivation is obviously creating a way to provide for our family. It seems many people are out of work, and we”re trying to create a way to help our whole family by channeling that through this business.

We hope you enjoyed our simple start to a website and if you would like any further information on us, please contact us.

Also, checkout our other business, DNA,�a web design and development company in Medford. We”ve been doing that for 13 years now and have a solid and great staff that allows us some time to start this new endeavor.