Southern Oregon Bulldozer Work

Southern Oregon Bulldozer Work


We now offer bulldozer work in Southern Oregon, including Medford, Ashland, Grants Pass, Rogue River and surrounding Von Travemunde bis Bad Reichenhall, von London bis Kairo, uberall wird gespielt. areas.

Bulldozers are great for road building, pads, grading, and clearing land. conjunction without excavator and dump truck we can accomplish a lot of work in a short period of time.

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Spring 2012 Excavation Work Special

We”re excited to offer to all customers a buy 2 hours get 1 hour free of excavation work in Southern Oregon for the rest of April and all of May. Our mini excavator and dump truck services are ideal for homeowners / businesses who need some cleanup around their property.

We offer the following excavation work:

  • Excavating
  • Trenching / Utilities
  • Stump Removal
  • Water / Drainage Issues
  • Fire Breaks / Clearing
  • Gravel / Soil / Compost Delivery
  • Haul-off

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Get rid of those nasty stumps

If you live in Southern Oregon, you realize we”re surrounded by beautiful trees. Most have trees in their yards, and unfortunately, trees can die for various reasons. Many people will grind down their stumps, which is fine in certain areas. But, as the stump decomposes, you”re left with a sink hole. The ideal way to remove a stump is by digging it out, roots and all.

We specialize in low impact stump removal in Southern Oregon, where we try our best to not harm any of the surroundings and other trees. Then, we haul the stumps off for you and fill the holes back with material. You”ll take a yard from cluttered stumps to spacious room in no time. Give us a call at 541-441-8154 and we”re happy to explain the various options.

Spring is approaching quickly

Well, lately our weather has been very odd. But, soon enough spring will be here and it will be time to start all those projects around the house. Yard cleanup and shaping is always nice to do in the spring time since that gives you plenty of time to plant before it turns to dust.

Great cleanup ideas for the spring:

  • Remove stumps and thin down the forest surrounding your house
  • Remove unwanted bushes
  • Grade and shape your landscape so water flows properly
  • Trench water to various faucets for watering

We”re excited to help our customers turn their yards around this spring. Call now for a free estimate: 541-441-8154.

Daily & Sons – A new adventure

Well, we started Daily & Sons Excavation LLC as a family business the beginning of January 2012. However, like any business, it takes some time to get all your ducks in a row.

The motivation behind Daily & Sons was primarily our two boys. They love tractors, dump trucks and working (what kids don”t like equipment!). And, as a father, it”s a very rewarding thing to see your kids doing something they love and sharing that with them. The other motivation is obviously creating a way to provide for our family. It seems many people are out of work, and we”re trying to create a way to help our whole family by channeling that through this business.

We hope you enjoyed our simple start to a website and if you would like any further information on us, please contact us.

Also, checkout our other business, DNA,�a web design and development company in Medford. We”ve been doing that for 13 years now and have a solid and great staff that allows us some time to start this new endeavor.